Voting booths

voting booths 

Modular voting booth solution

Modular voting booths from System Standex are easy to build and dismantle all secured with an allen key or hex key fixing.The booths can be built and linked in a continuous row.

The voting booths are available with a back panel and a curtain (blue or grey) fitted to one or both sides creating an entrance and exit. The booths also come complete with a LED spotlight and shelf with pencil.

System Standex have manufactured and supplied quality voting booths for many years which are robust and are designed to be used many times over. The booths are available in the suggested modular sizes or manufactured to your specification.

voting booth sketch  

External modular sizes
B:1028 mm x D:1028 mm x H:2250 mm

Voting booth with mobility access
B:1475 mm x D:1028 mm x H:2250 mm

Our example shows the most common sizes, but are available in other sizes and colours for curtains, cross rails and upright.


Accessories for voting booths

 curtains for voting booths   Shelf for voting booth     Voting booth spotlight


 Blue or grey curtain

   Shelf c/w with pencil    Led spotlight