Closed profiles


Closed profiles
The profiles have a membrane cover extruded over the joint and panel slot giving the appearance of a solid section.

These covers can be removed for the insertion of joints, panels and accessories.

The closed profiles bring a modern stylish appearance to machine frame design. Standex have gone to great lengths to consider and combine
performance with appearance. Corners of the profiles have a 3.5 mm radius. This detail reinforces the modern design and provides a construction with no sharp edges. Flexibility of build in the range of profiles that create angles of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. Complex assemblies achieved with standard components. All profiles are manufactured in high quality satin anodised aluminium. Connectors are concealed with only a single bolt fixing visible on one face.

Great strength
Standex offers a wide range of high performance and load bearing profiles and jointing systems. 

Construction of machine guards and frames with the Standex System can be used in most situations. Standex offers you flexibility in design, strength, construction and application.


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