Assembly fixing



Assembly plugs for Cobra PC


Plugs for Cobra PC tubing.

ø25 mm: AC25/25 ø6,2
ø25 -> ø31 mm: AC25/31 ø6,2
ø25 -> ø38 mm: AC25/38 ø6,2
ø25 -> ø44 mm: AC25/44 ø6,2

ø31 mm: AC31/31 ø8,2
ø31 -> ø38 mm: AC31/38 ø8,2
ø31 -> ø44 mm: AC31/44 ø8,2 mm

ø38 mm: AC38/38 ø10,2
ø38 -> ø44 mm: AC38/44 ø10,2

ø44 mm: AC44/44 ø10,2

The assemblies are made with 2-component glue (Araldit) and plugs for horizontal tubings/cross rails are made with special bolts.

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