LED frames and displays with LED

We have a wide range of displays and frames with LED illumination - available in standard sizes and in our SHOP.

We manufacture LED light frames that give your message a great exposure. Both single-sided and  double sided LED light boxes help to increase your product awareness and sales. Frames with fabric and LED light can be made in to take large format graphics – for example for 2 x 10 meters –power consumption is about 20% of traditional lighting.

In addition, we offer LED signs that with a very easy and quick method of changing your message.

LED illuminated signs and light boxes
- manufactured to your specification

We offer a bespoke service – we manufacture to your size – depth – design – colour - single or double sided you choose - we deliver a quality product to your schedule. LED illuminated signs and light boxes are available wall mounted - free-standing hanging or they can be built into the display or as part of an exhibition stand.

Customized solutions are available on request.

Contact us for a quote - by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , contact form or by phone: +45 66 15 66 15.