Folding showcases for exhibition

System Standex produces one of the best folding showcases on the market.
Our folding display cases and vitrines are made of aluminum profiles and can be folded flat and transported in a passenger car. Benefit by showing your products in the showcase

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Are you in need of folding showcases in special size or design, please contact us by email, contact form or phone +45 66 15 66 15.


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Folding showcases for exhibition – order online

We offer two standard sizes of lockable folding display showcases. One is an almost 2meters tall folding showcase or vitrine with acrylic panels, the other is a folding counter with a glazed display section for the display of all types of goods including jewellery and watches. The showcases can be installed in a matter of minutes and can be flat packed in a carton and transported in passenger car. We can also produce a transport case with wheels for these showcases.