Exhibition and display systems

We offer all kinds of promotional equipment, exhibition and display systems. These including pop -up displays, folding counters, exhibition walls, freestanding press walls, exhibition walls and systems for complete exhibition stands - manufactured o display all kinds of graphic panels and materials including large format printing on fabric.

We have systems that can be used by the exhibition designers and contractors and for the company that wants to set up exhibition stands themselves.
Our systems meet today's requirements, including the supply of LED illumination. It can be as single and double sided light boxes. Quality and flexibility are at the top of our list.
if you are considering to decorate a showroom, attend events or trade shows, product launch or promotions please ask us for information on our exhibition and display systems. We are ready to provide you quick consultancy. System Standex offers a wide range within systems for exhibition purposes.

Exhibition equipment - create awareness about your products

System Standex offers a large variety of systems for exhibitions. If you are considering attending an exhibition, then make your stand or booth more interesting and attractive by using  one of our exhibition displays systems. We have lots of exciting exhibition equipment in stock, which surely will your make your stand or booth more attractive. Learn more about our exhibition equipment and check out our sales display that can help you to create more awareness about your products on an exhibition stand. You will find our exciting range of exhibition items here.

  • EasyLock 1 - modular system for large fabric graphic prints
  • EasyLock 2 - system for modular fabric graphic prints
  • EasyLock 3 - system for modular magnetic panels
  • SFS - Standex Fabric System - the frame system for large format fabric graphic prints
  • Cobra Expo - traditional modular exhibition system with uprights and cross rails
  • GDS - Graphic Display System - for prints mounted with magnets

Should you require sign stands in another lay-out, colour or design, please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , contact form or call us, phone +45 66 15 66 15.

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