Standex UK Newsletter 1, 2015


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- for textile banner System


The new profile can be used, e.g. for installation of shelves, clothes rachs and other accessories. Moreover, the profile can be used to build from the back wall.


red line

Freestanding angled wall

Example with profile SF-44-44-4.

angled wall

red line


Exhibition stand
- installation of shelves

Example with profile SF-44-44-4.

exhibition stand eng

red line

Profiles - fabric banners

Profiles for single sided frames

profile 1 eng

Profiles for double sided frames

profile 2 eng

Profiles for single sided LED-frames

profile 3 eng

Profiles for double sided LED-frames

profile 4 eng

Upright profile                            Corner profile                          Completion profile

profile 5 eng

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